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About us

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Savior Word of YAH Ministries is a non-profit whose sole focus is to support the gathering of the children of Yisrael to promote the combining of the spirit to produce spiritual fruit glorifying the Most High YAH, the power of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. After serving in the land of our captivity for 400 years (1619-2019) according to the 400 years prophecy given in Genesis 15:14 and after witnessing the judgement rapidly unfolding on the nations of our captivity, it is paramount that we continue awakening the lost sheep to the time and severity of what is now coming upon us.

our Ministers:
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Ben Melech Yehudah
Zahar Baruch Yasharahla
Yadon Yasharal

Word Witness/Anointed Artist

Founding Elder

Elder Minister/Counselor

Ordained Minister

Lead Moreh/Minister

Ordained Minister

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